Chet is Two

Today we celebrate two years of Chet!

Two favorite activities: playing outside and cooking

Two favorite shows: Mickey Mouse and Elmo

Two favorite foods: broccoli and noodles.

Two favorite toys: tools and Elmo

Two favorite sentences: Baby do it and love you.

Two favorite books: Go Dog Go and his pumpkin book.

Two methods for avoiding bedtime: begging for Go Dog Go and milk.

Two bedtime routines: books and hugs. “Cole’s turn. Alex’s turn. Papa’s turn. Mama’s turn.”

Two favorite places: the beach and anywhere outside.

Two new developments: boo-boos. “Baby kiss it. All better.” And summersaults.

Two favorite things to do with mama: snuggle and take showers.

Two favorite things to do with papa: bike rides and wrestle.

Two favorite things to do with Cole: destroy his room and dinosaurs.


It’s been two years of watching his wonderful personality develop. He is fiercely independent. He is stubborn. He is a force to be reckoned with. He is full of hugs and kisses. His belly laughs will always bring a smile to your face. He embraces life at his pace and in his own unique way. He may be a toddler now, but there are still nights he needs his mama to sleep. He is still my baby!

Happy birthday Chet Christian.



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