Test 1, 2

It has been two weeks and one day since my last run. That nagging pain in my left leg (femur) was lingering a little too long for my comfort level. Like a good student of stress fractures, I listened to my body. I took a break. (and I didn’t call the doctor. Maybe I’m not a good student.) My gut instinct is that I caught it just in time, but I really don’t want to push my luck. My leg wasn’t happy.

With no pain since this weekend, I decided to do a test run today. After work, I set out to run 2 easy miles at the oceanfront.

Last empty boardwalk run before the summer season begins

Why a test run? I am supposed to run a 10k this weekend. I do not want to be the dumb runner who runs on an almost-injury just because I have a race scheduled. If my leg isn’t going to be happy after running 6.2 miles, I will stay home. I do not want to miss out on another 12 weeks of running this summer.

So True

Mile 1: 9:59 (good job going easy!)

Mile 2: 10:19 (I made myself slow down!)

Extra .25 (because after 15 days of no running, I selfishly wanted more): 9:58 pace

What’s the verdict?

I’m not sure.

I know I was paying a lot of attention to my leg. I may be hypersensitive about any small twinge or pain. After 15 days of no running, things are going to hurt. Right? I did have some brief sharp pains after the first mile in my left upper leg/butt (Yes! Right in the crease). My actual leg never hurt. I am just more aware of that leg than my right. It just feels different. And I have no idea how much of that is mental and how much of that is physical.

So I will wait and see. If it aches at all in the morning, I will take a pass on my run this weekend. If it feels okay, I plan on running another 2 miles tomorrow. If my crossed fingers and toes work and I have no pain after two runs, I think I will be okay running the 10k this weekend (without any time expectations or goals).

Cross your fingers and toes for me.

Never Gets Old

2 thoughts on “Test 1, 2

  1. oh gosh, my fingers and toes are crossed like crazy for you. i will be at 10 weeks on saturday and i am LOSING my mind. i started PT this week and have regressed back to pain meds…i hate my femur, but i will think good thoughts for yours!!! GOOD LUCK.

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