Cole Creations

Yesterday I mentioned that I want to cover our Kids Cave wall with Cole’s artwork…and one day Chet’s artwork too! Cole loves to draw. He spends hours a day with paper and markers, crayons, pencils, and sharpies (his new favorite – not my favorite).  We’ve known for sometime now that Cole has a special talent for his artwork, but I tend to forget. I see endless stacks of papers with drawings all over them. Drawing is what he does. It’s what he enjoys.

And then every now and then I get a nice reminder of how talented Cole is when it comes to drawing. He left his signature on the bottom of one of Christian work boxes yesterday.

I also had a parent-teach conference today. He got a gold star! His teacher was also quick to point out that Cole has a gift for art. The art teacher has also taken notice. They are encouraging him to apply to the gifted art school in Virginia Beach. Definitely a proud mama moment!

Here are just a few of the junk pieces of paper we have lying around our living room right now.


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