Finally signed-up

From baby news to running news……….and I promise I will be back tomorrow before bedtime to share even more baby news! One more day of guessing! Boy or Girl!

Flower Headband or Baseball Hat?

I have actually woke up the past 2 mornings to go for my morning run! Hooray for small miracles.  Yesterday I ran 3 miles. Today I ran about 2.5 (I forgot to charge my Garmin).   Yesterday’s run was a little stiff, but today I felt great. I ran the entire time minus a potty break for Alex.  I have no idea how fast I was running or how slow. I think I might leave my Garmin at home during the week for the rest of my pregnancy.  Okay. Who am I kidding? I won’t leave it at home, but I might just change the screen so I can only see the actual time. I can go over mile times when I get home.

I’m definitely not following my training plan during the week. (Do not do as I do if you want to run a half-marathon). I think I’m lucky that my plan is working for me. I’ve modified it A LOT due to my pregnancy. I’m not stress about week day runs, but I am making sure I get my miles in on the weekend. My plan is really something like this – aim for running 3 days during the week.  Be happy if you get in 1 or 2. Don’t beat yourself up if you miss them all. Run the scheduled amount on the weekend.  If I hurt, it’s because I didn’t run during the week. I walk when my body gets tired. I tell my brain to be quiet when it tries to trick me into walking. I drink LOTS and LOTS of water. I don’t care about mile pace.  I do try to avoid letting the overall mile pace get above 14 minutes (when I’m walking).

My goal heading into this weekend run is to walk better. I noticed last weekend that when I stopped to walk, I was walking like I was finished. It’s hard to tell your body to start again when your posture and pace are already finished. I might be walking, but this weekend I’m going to walk faster and more determined. My walk was slightly defeated last weekend. 

I currently have a 9 mile run schedule for this weekend, but I’m bumping up my 11 mile run. I’m going for 11 this weekend.  This is again my attempt to avoid that mid-week 12 mile run. 11 miles this week. 12 miles the following weekend. Then 6 miles. AND THEN……..13.1. The Rock n Roll Half- Marathon on Sunday, September 4th. This lofty goal of mine to run the half marathon while pregnant is actually going to come true (knock on wood).  I’m injury free, and I have a baby on board! I can’t wait for race day!

Oh and I took the leap of faith. I officially registered for the race. I’d been holding out because I wasn’t sure if my body would let me continue.  (KNOCK ON WOOD) I’m 3 weeks and 2 days away from day race day. I know a lot can change in 3 weeks when you are pregnant, but I’m feeling confident.  My body feels great. My pregnancy is thriving.  I might just have a shiny new race medal around my neck after all!

For those of you who were wondering about my nutrition/calorie consumption concerns I posted about earlier this week, I asked my doctor yesterday. She told me to eat like I normally eat before and after runs (pregnant or not pregnant). I’ve gained 15 lbs so far this pregnancy. She doesn’t have any concerns about me burning too many calories.


2 thoughts on “Finally signed-up

  1. I’m excited for all of the above…can’t wait to start buying baby things at work and so ready to cheer you on for mile 1 or 13….whatever works out for you!! xoxo

  2. Hmmm..I am going to go with BOY! Enjoy eating that cupcake!! Oh, and congrats on the continued progress running. I am in such great shape right now I KNOW that my delivery and recovery are going to be awesome which goes for you too. I am not running like you (I do run on the running precor but that is a lot easier!) but I am doing other things and I hope it pays off! Yay for exercising momma’s! Erin :o)

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