54 seconds shy = a HUGE Positive!

Post-Run nap for Alex

After a rough pregnancy week, I had no clue what to expect this morning as I set out for my 7 mile run. I’ve been struggling with headaches, all-day sickness, sleepiness and mid-night starvation wake-ups. Maute Moo must be having a growth spurt. I haven’t run in almost 2 weeks. I desperately needed a good run for my mental sanity.

As soon as I put on my running shoes, Alex starting going nuts.  I didn’t plan on taking him with me today, but he looked so sad when I said no.  I gave in, and he joined me for the first 1/2 of my run.  I knew I would need a bathroom break, so I figured it would be a good time to drop him off back at home.

Time hasn’t been a priority on my runs since I got pregnant. I just want to keep adding distances.  When I left for my run, I thought it would be nice if I could tackle 7 miles in 1 hour 30 minutes. I finished in 1 hour 30 minutes and 54 seconds! Mark that as a win on my training plan. If I can run 7 miles in an hour and a half, I can get close to run a half marathon in 3 hours PREGNANT! While time is not my priority, old habits are hard to break.  I don’t know many runners who aren’t aware of their time when they run. Time has definitely been on my radar lately.

I ran the Rock n Roll Half Marathon last year. When I registered, I had high hopes for beating my Shamrock half-marathon results.  That didn’t happen. After a wedding, honeymoon, getting sick with shingles, and struggling through summer heat, I never ran more than 5 miles after the Shamrock. I thought about not running the Rock n Roll.  A week before the race, my aunt discovered she had cancer again. This time it was breast cancer.  How could I sit at home on my couch on race day because I hadn’t prepared properly? I was healthy. It wasn’t my first race. I could give the race my best effort on that day.  To my surprise, I ended up running the whole thing.  It was slower than shamrock, but it felt like a much bigger victory for me. I needed it emotionally.

I ran the Rock n Roll half in 2:31:49.  If I can even get close to 3 hours this year after the crazy year of physical set-backs and pregnancy, I will be one happy mama! I will be one happy mama just to finish!

Last year's race! I am still running in the shorts!

Run? Done. House cleaning? Living Room and Bathroom done. Time to float in the pool and enjoy some crab legs!


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