Training these days is a little more organic. There isn’t much of a training plan. I run when I can. It’s never enough, but I’m slowly building mileage to support consistent half marathon training. Full marathons are on the backburner right now.

Priority #1: Quality Family time while maintaining a sane household

Priority #2: Work

Priority #3: Running for fun

Priority #4: Getting Faster

I’m loving this new balance. I’m still holding on to my big dreams. I know one day Boston will happen (hopefully before I’m 40). My more realistic goal for this year is to get a 1 in the front of my half marathon time. I’d love to see a PR in the 5k, 10k, and half distance before next summer!

Half Marathon: sub 2

10K: sub 53

5k: sub 24


“With brave wings she flies.”

My cheer section! It doesn't get much better!

My cheer section! It doesn’t get much better!


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